Thursday, August 4, 2011

Class location this Saturday (& KBBQ Cook-off)

Hi all!

We are having a particularly challenging month in terms of meeting locations. First, we had a reservation conflict for classes, then a capacity issue for a language exchange. This week, the Korean BBQ Cook-off in its 3rd year decided to change its location and grew its size, blocking the street on which our meeting location is. (Congratulations to them!)

I've been informed that Hobart between 7th and Wilshire will be closed. Please plan on coming early, park the car and walk to the meeting locationI will be there early in the morning to assess the situation, and will text you a new address if we have to meet somewhere else. You can also check the hotline and listen to a recorded message at 626-LEARN-01 (532-7601).

My preference is that we meet at the same location - so that you can easily attend classes and just step out to enjoy the BBQ event!

See you Saturday!

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