Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Yoon's Classes?

You finally decided to take an action. So you bought a couple of language software. You subscribed to online resources. You attended private schools and public colleges. You got yourself a private tutor. You joined websites and forums.

It's fun. Things are going great. And then, things are not going great. Why isn't it going great?

I was there too. I am still there. It's frustrating. I thought about what's making it difficult. I knew what's needed to make it not difficult. I wished I could meet someone to help me with a kind of program I was looking for. But I just didn't find anyone who could.

So one day, I decided to come up with a program myself. After all, I had been teaching Korean language and culture for many years. I had a solution in my hands, at least for Korean language.

So here is the list of what sets my classes apart from others. I hope this is something you've been looking for. And I hope you decide to take classes from me and join the program.

Friday, June 10, 2011

KoreanLA blog has moved!

Hello Polyglots, Hallyu fans, KoreanLA'ers and friends!

Our blog is moving to! Our home address has not changed -

While previous blogs/forums served a role as an announcement board, the new blog will have static pages with resources and even class contents you can liberally use.

If you're new to KLCX or KoreanLA, make sure you follow our Twitter account @KoreanLA. We will make certain we tweet out all the updates.

See you at the meetups!