RSVP/No-Show Policy

RSVP & No-Show Policy
The purpose of RSVP & No-Show Policy is to (1) provide fair opportunity for members on the waiting list to plan and attend the event and (2) to minimize unnecessary cost of running the events, keeping your admission cost low or free.

  1. RSVP Required: we need to know how many drinks we need to order, how many copies of study materials we need to make.
  2. RSVP Due Date: Members can update their RSVP from YES to NO 2 days before the event date, not event time. Any member who changes RSVP after the due date will be marked as a no-show.
  3. No-Show Policy: No refund or credit shall be issued to no-show's. If you were a no-show for a previous event, you are required to pre-pay $5 in addition to the minimum cost of the new event. As of 2013, penalty is honor system. Please remit your payment via donation link. This amount is not refundable.

For most of members, the RSVP and No-Show Policy doesn't mean anything. Just practice your common sense, and you will never have to worry about these policies!

The KoreanLA club is generally lenient to no-shows and last-minute changes. But at times we cannot afford a no-show. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

How to RSVP

Rule of Thumb:
Read the event announcement thoroughly and follow the instruction. Many events we organize have no to little flexibility by its nature, such as number of available seats or required ticket purchases.

When we can be as flexible as rubber in summer
RSVP to the event invitations you receive from us, and you're done. We trust that you will not be a no-show, and that you agree to the no-show policy.

When we cannot be flexible:
In addition to RSVP'ing to the invitation, follow the instruction provided in event announcements. Your attendance is not confirmed until you receive an email that you're confirmed!

FYI: RSVP Courtesy
The KoreanLA does not accept "Maybe" as a RSVP option. By answering "Maybe," you are taking one of the limited seats, knowing that you may not come and at the same time turning away others who will come. That's not fair for other members as well as event hosts who work hard to make thing happen for you.

The KoreanLA club is trying hard to be as lenient and as flexible as possible. Please help us stay that way. Let us be respectful to each other. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

Thanks for your cooperation making this Club pleasant and fun for everyone.