Friday, September 9, 2011

Special thank-you to everyone, and farewell to Mijoong Yoon

We've had many volunteer instructors who never ceased to amaze us with their eagerness to help us and their smiles. Without them, we couldn't host free classes and workshops for you. Without them, we wouldn't be having Norebang'ean (learning Korean through Korean songs) and study groups assisted by Korea native speakers. Without them, we wouldn't be able to respond to your requests and organize workshops that fits your needs. Without them, we won't be having a professional mixer, attend concerts, have picnics, and and get good deals on Korean stuff.

I want to borrow this space to send special thank-you's to all and every man and woman who've been with us, both KLCX and KoreanLA. Thank you for all your time, time, money, and passion you've given out freely without asking for anything in return.

In no particular order, including office staff, instructors, teachers assistants, organizers, event hosts, IT advisers, marketers, and everyone in every capacity:
Jini Sun, Thomas Lim, Jeong Myung Jang, Keum Oak Hong, Myoungsu Park, Hongjin Chi, Scarlet O'Hara, Gammy Anon, Gammy Anon, Jr., Dolores Espie Hernandez, Suzie "Joyous" Walker, Lorenzo Kim, Lorenzo Lee, John Kim, Soo Yun Kim, JiHyeon Rim, Mijoong Yoon, Jamie Jin, Shihoon Park, YoungHyeon Huh, Hana, Kim, James Kim, Christopher Esser, Grace Lee, Hyobin Hwang, Andree Valdry, David Cho, Nathan Cho, Don, Kim, Goerges Aintablian, Susan Weintaub, William B, Joy Kim, Kang Kim, Caren Kimm, Miranda Weiss, Warren Kim, John Chang, Soo Chang, Ziyoung Hong, Jiyoung Lee, Serom Hana Na, Jung Min Hwang, Christina Kim, Christine Moon, Ami Son, Suwon Son, Myunghwan Kang, Sung Kim, Sang Kim, Ho Myung Suh, Jin Hwa Do, and Minson Nam.
If I missed anyone, please let me know.

Today I send special thank-you to Mijoong Yoon, who moved to Texas two weeks ago. Mijoong joined KoreanLA in 2008. She taught intermediate Korean every 4-6 weeks, and we all know how hard she worked to get the information and resource to you. I am sure she and her husband will enjoy their new lives together in Texas; We will all miss her!

By the way, Yoon is not related to yours truly - we just have the same last name. :)

Thank you again, everyone!

If you have a talent or a skill, and can support KLCX/KoreanLA, please email us your ideas and suggestions. Our goal is to make sure we all have fun while making things happen for others too. Thank you!

Please welcome Andree Valdry, our newest Event Organizer

To many, Andree is not a new face. She's been a member of KoreanLA since 2008. She's also an Organizer of Korean Food Connoisseurs (old Korean BBQ Groupies).

I'm delighted that Andree accepted our request to step up as an Event Organizer and to organize foodie events for KoreanLA. Many of us are big foodies, and I have no doubt she (and her group's AO's) will bring so much to KoreanLA! Please join our future foodie events.

Andree, thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hanjeongsik: Formal & Traditional Meal of Korea

A couple of months ago, someone asked me what Hanjeongsik (한정식) was. Last week upon announcing the detail about our 2011 Korean Thanksgiving Dining-out, someone asked me about its price that's more than what people are used to.

Friends, it's time we talked about Korean food - but not the one you've known all this time!

I may not be a certified culinary expert, but my knowledge comes from my own experience, growing up in a family with one of the most old-school and traditional values, observing traditional occasions and courtesy at our best abilities in changing times. So here is a "real life" knowledge that I lived, not just an expert's explanation who had to learn and hear about it from some other source written by someone who had to research it. So pardon the subjectivity as this is not from a textbook. But it is as close to the truth as it can get.

Friday, September 2, 2011

2011 Hangawi (Thanksgiving) Dinner Mixer

Fit for a Korean Noble
(well, close enough.)

~ 더도 말고 덜도 말고 한가위만 같아라 ~
Hangawi is also known as Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving Day. This year it falls on Monday, Sept 12. Your KoreanLA is taking this special day as our opportunity to meet and get to know each other!

We are also inviting members of EnglishLA (English for Busy People in Los Angeles), a group of native Koreans who are learning and practicing English language.

What is so special about this dine-out event? We will have Hansik (한식 | 한정식), which is a modern version of traditional course-meal the nobles and the riches had way back when in Korea. This is not a do-it-youself tabletop Korean BBQ, folks!

So come join us!

'-(으)니' in Seung Ki Lee's song '지금부터 사랑해'

Question today comes from Tan in Malaysia.
I'm now trying to understand the song "지금부터 사랑해" by 이승기,
and of course.. I'm facing some problems. :( Please help!!!

"지금 와서 보니 추억도 많더라"

- I'm eager to know how to use "보니", I know "보다" means "to see", but I wonder its usage right here means:

→"looking back"??? as there is an "오다" [back] before it... OR,

→ the "보니" is actually a grammar point which indicates "After doing..., I found out that...", or only the "-니" is having this indication, not the whole "보니"?

Many thanks!

Thursday, September 1, 2011