Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orange County KoreanLA Kickoff Event!

Last year, we began hosting events in Orange County in order to meet the needs of our members who lived in that area. We will be officially kicking off KoreanLA Orange County with a social event on February 4th. We will be meeting for Korean BBQ and then moving on to more fun events. If you live in the OC area (or not), we encourage you to come and join us. Your presence will allow our OC host (me) and the rest of the KoreanLA staff, to get a better idea of the type of events to host in this area. If you are interested in attending, please join our meetup or facebook groups. Links will be posted at the end of the post. I hope to have the opportunity to meet everyone soon!

KoreanLA Events Organizer (Orange County)

Meetup Group:


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Seollal!

Happy Seollal, everyone!

One of many fun things about being (or being around) a Korean is that we get to celebrate New Year twice a year. The second New Year is known as Lunar New Year for the rest of the world. Koreans call it Seollal(설날).

Seollal(설날) is the day that Koreans celebrate good days in the past, let go of bad spirits, and welcome all the good things to come. To celebrate this season, Koreans have many fun games they play, many blessings they say to each other, and many beautiful traditions that they observe.

For most of Koreans, Seollal(설날) is the "real" New Year. So there happens the world-renowned phenomenon called "Korean Exodus," caused by people who are heading out to their hometowns to visit their parents, relatives and ancestral memorial park. Seollal is such an important day that the whole country pretty much go on a vacation for 3-5 days.

You can learn more about it here:

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Please welcome our newest Event Organizer, George

You already know George, one of the most resourceful members when it comes to places-to-go in Koreatown (and beyond). George has a been a member of KoreanLA since 2008 - in fact, January 13, yesterday was his anniversary! Yay! Thanks for being with us, George!

I'm delighted that George accepted my request to step up as an Event Organizer for KLCX/KoreanLA. He has already organized a few events, so chances are, you've probably attended some of his events in the past. Please continue to join his events; they're sure to be fun and interesting!

George, thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Thanks for joining us at the January Meetup

Thanks for coming to the meetup yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the workshop and Q&A as much as I did.

I know the workshops were slow for some, fast for others, and just about right for the rest. Beginners did very well keeping up with intermediate - kudos to you! We had wide range of intermediate attendees in terms of proficiency level, and you were so patient with each other. Thank you!

As we have more attendees, we will be able to provide more levels appropriate for specific proficiency. So please spread the word and let others know about our group.

Don't forget to practice what you learned; and if you forgot what yo learned, no worries; we will have more classes and workshops.

Please let me know what you liked (so that we can keep it) and what you didn't like (so that we can make it better for you.). This is very important to both you and me, so I appreciate it.

And don't forget to rate the meetup - so that when others see that this was a 5-star meet-up, they will be encouraged to come next time.

When you rate, please rate based on the content of the meetup (for this meetup, it's the workshop and Q&A). Please do not rate based on the venue, food that you had, parking situation or people you liked or didn't like. Ha ha! We had no control over that. ;) Also, please understand that we cannot offer exactly what you want, for each individual, but only for everyone in general. So the level of workshop may have been too difficult or too easy for a small number of you. Thanks for considering this factor.

Gamsa hamnida and Sehae Bok Mani Baduseyo!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

January Workshop and Q&A in Los Angeles, CA

Big thank-you to everyone for RSVP'ing to attend the meet-up on this date even though you had no idea what the event was going to be about. That means a lot to us!

Also, I deeply appreciate your suggestions. You helped me make a final decision on what we will be doing on this date - and what we will be doing for the rest of the year!

Since our first meet-up of the year was for the daring palates, the second one will be for the seekers of learning experience: we will have informal workshops and Q & A session in which you get to ask pretty much any question you've been wanting to ask a Korean, from pronunciation to culture to something you weren't quite sure whom to ask. And oh yeah, we will have a mixer to get to know each other too.

Even if you are not interested in workshops, please come to the mixer! It will be short and sweet.

We will have informal workshops and Q & A session in which you get to ask pretty much any question you've been wanting to ask a Korean, from pronunciation to culture to something you weren't quite sure whom to ask. As always, we will have a mixer to get to know each other during and/or after the workshop.

Please read the instruction below thoroughly. Thank you!

* 한국어 원어민이세요? 특별히 부탁의 말씀이 있으니 꼭 읽어주세요. 감사합니다.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mark Your Calendars: 2012 Second Saturday

Mark your calendar for the 2012 "Second Saturday."

This year, we will plan an event or two on Second Saturdays every month. So mark your calendar!

Being a Korean instructor myself, unless you give us event suggestions or ideas, we plan to offer something language-related in a little more serious nature, such as classes, workshops, study halls and Q&A sessions. We also have staff and Event Hosts who are full of fun and adventurous ideas! We may go out for dinner, picnic or, even to amusement parks!

Language Exchange may happen on Second Saturday, but for now, it may be hosted on the 4th or last weekend of the month. This scheduling is by popular request that you want to attend classes before you attend language exchange session.

My personal goal is to turn every experience that we have into something Korean - so that you can get to know subtle culture that lies underneath the language and behaviors, have a chance to practice your Korean, and just get to know others who share the same interest with you.

If you have an event idea or something to do with fellow polyglots and Hallyu fans, please make a suggestion. Let's make it fun for everyone!

If there's scheduling conflict or holidays, the date may be changed. So please do not pay or RSVP until the details are announced.

Thank you, and see you in the year 2012!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Dear friends and members of KLCX/KoreanLA,

I want to thank you for being a part of KLCX and KoreanLA. I know you have many groups and instructors to choose from. I thank you for choosing KLCX/KoreanLA and make it your "Korean Home."

I also want to thank all the volunteer staff for your hard work. Hosting events and classes is a lot of work. Your leadership is deeply appreciated. I hope you feel as proud as I am of KCLX/KoreanLA and how far we've come.

We pledge that we will continue to support you in exploring and having fun with Korean language and culture. Please let us know of your suggestions; we will do our best to make them happen. Please remember, all members are eligible to host your own events upon meeting a couple of qualifications.

Thank you sincerely. And Happy New Year!

Zeanie Yoon, friends & staff
at KLCX and KoreanLA