Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How many characters can Hangeul create?

Hangeul (Korean writing system) has only 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Combining them, you can create virtually limitless sounds and characters.

So just out of curiosity, how many characters can Hangeul create?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's African-American in Korean? How's it different from 흑인?

Question today comes from K.B. Ansari about the term "African-American."
I was watching Korean television and I came across someone talking about black culture, hip-hop and so forth. I never knew of a way to say "black" in Korean (other than the color) and always used 아프리카 미국인. To see this other way caught my attention and I wanted to see if it has any other meanings behind it before I started to use it.

Does '흑인' mean anything else? I don't want to start referring to myself and say something degrading. Not to say that I believe it will, but just to be on the safe side.

정말 감사합니다! ^^

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reminder to Members

Hello Polyglots and Hallyu fans!

It has come to my attention that we’ve had increased number of regretful incidences involving chat features and member harassment in our groups. Usually matters like these are handled quietly. I regret that I feel the dire need to make the following announcements.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Location Marker: ~에 vs ~에서

Question today comes from onlypenpal about the location marker, "에" vs. "에서"
질문 하나 여쭤봐도 되죠. 왜 "~에서 살고 계세요"나 "~에서 사세요"를 사용하지 않아요? 여러분들 다 " ~에 살고 계세요"나 "~에 사세요"를 사용하니까. 궁금합니다.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Language Exchange in Irvine on Saturday, Aug 13, 2011


Need that little bit of extra practice with your Korean conversational skills? Need help with your English conversational skills? This is your chance to get those needs met.

This event is designed to expose those learning English AND Korean to native speakers of those respective languages in order for you to perfect those skills. Our format is fun and allows you to practice your skills in a comfortable environment.

As with most events I host, the party does not stop here. While it is not required as part of this event, we will be planning on going to Korean BBQ afterwards as 2 cha... This will give you a chance to further practice your skills and get to know fellow members.

Please note, simply RSVPing does NOT guarantee you a spot. Please follow RSVP instruction below.

Beginners & Intermediate 4-week series concludes.

Once again, thanks for your support of the KoreanLA and support of each other! We concluded our 4-week series for Beginners and Intermediate Korean Language classes. We started to take applications (*1) with total of 12 seats, admitted 15 for each class including assessment students (*2) and concluded each class with 8 for Beginners and 10 for Intermediate.

We had particularly difficult challenges for this series. We had venue issues almost every week, Carmageddon that scared some of you enough to stay home and miss classes, and local events and traffic that caused many people to be late, including the instructor. In spite all the challenges, everyone were diligent and worked hard. I am always impressed by not only the progress you make but how kind and supportive you all are of each other. This month was particularly special. Thank you, everyone!

Now that summer is almost over and language schools begin their new sessions, we will offer mostly 1-day intensive workshops rather than series until later this year. We will continue to organize Language Exchange and a few ding-outs and socials. If you have suggestions as to what you want us to organize for you, shoot us an email! We will do our best to make things happen!

Thanks, and see you soon again!

(*1) How we take applications for the classes: you just need to RSVP when invited. Easy!
(*2) Assessment students: those who are not sure what level they are, or those who want to attend a class to see if they're up for the challenge, can attend first class of the series upon an instructor's approval.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Class location this Saturday (& KBBQ Cook-off)

Hi all!

We are having a particularly challenging month in terms of meeting locations. First, we had a reservation conflict for classes, then a capacity issue for a language exchange. This week, the Korean BBQ Cook-off in its 3rd year decided to change its location and grew its size, blocking the street on which our meeting location is. (Congratulations to them!)

I've been informed that Hobart between 7th and Wilshire will be closed. Please plan on coming early, park the car and walk to the meeting locationI will be there early in the morning to assess the situation, and will text you a new address if we have to meet somewhere else. You can also check the hotline and listen to a recorded message at 626-LEARN-01 (532-7601).

My preference is that we meet at the same location - so that you can easily attend classes and just step out to enjoy the BBQ event!

See you Saturday!