Monday, August 8, 2011

Beginners & Intermediate 4-week series concludes.

Once again, thanks for your support of the KoreanLA and support of each other! We concluded our 4-week series for Beginners and Intermediate Korean Language classes. We started to take applications (*1) with total of 12 seats, admitted 15 for each class including assessment students (*2) and concluded each class with 8 for Beginners and 10 for Intermediate.

We had particularly difficult challenges for this series. We had venue issues almost every week, Carmageddon that scared some of you enough to stay home and miss classes, and local events and traffic that caused many people to be late, including the instructor. In spite all the challenges, everyone were diligent and worked hard. I am always impressed by not only the progress you make but how kind and supportive you all are of each other. This month was particularly special. Thank you, everyone!

Now that summer is almost over and language schools begin their new sessions, we will offer mostly 1-day intensive workshops rather than series until later this year. We will continue to organize Language Exchange and a few ding-outs and socials. If you have suggestions as to what you want us to organize for you, shoot us an email! We will do our best to make things happen!

Thanks, and see you soon again!

(*1) How we take applications for the classes: you just need to RSVP when invited. Easy!
(*2) Assessment students: those who are not sure what level they are, or those who want to attend a class to see if they're up for the challenge, can attend first class of the series upon an instructor's approval.

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