Saturday, May 24, 2014

Please join us at the FREE Int/Adv Korean & English Language Exchange Today

Wanted! More English speakers at the Int/Adv Korean study group today!
Please join our free Study Group and Language Exchange Brunch with native Korean speakers at your service! Click "Read full details" below and join us today!

Hi everyone! I made a mistake and sent out an email saying that we need more native Korean speakers. My apology!

We have enough Korean native speakers - that means, you will have more and better chance to practice and study Korean if you come today at our study group! So please take an advantage of this opportunity!

We also need a lot more English native speakers who can help native Korean speakers in return! We are here to help you study and learn as efficiently as possible - so please help us help you, and help native Koreans speakers too!

Please make phones calls to your friends and invite others. Cross-post our announcements and encourage others to join us. Please help your friends to study and get better at Korean.

Official Meetup page:
On Facebook:

Contact the Group Organizer Zeanie Yoon (Please text after 10 am)
Click here to email

After 10 am, please text:
Office (English only): 626-532-7601
Yoon’s Personal line: (Ko/En): 818-350-3656

Thank you!

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