Friday, April 27, 2012

About Events Tomorrow - Your Replies, please!

(1) Last minute sales: 2 Tickets available!
(2) Your RSVP to the Pre-Concert Picnic, please!

(3) Savings
(4) Thank you to the staff

Dear Polyglots and Hallyu Fans,

We are going to Korean Music Festival tomorrow. Yay!

2 Tickets for Sale

$24 per ticket.

(1) Email us. (2) Receive confirmation that we have tickets for you. (3) Pay. (4) You’re all set!

Please email both Theresa Tong and Zean Yoon for faster reply.

Oh, and, you will sit with the group - so you won't be alone! :D

FIRST COME, FIRST GO! The tickets must be paid in advance.

Event Details:

You're Invited to the Pre-Picnic - RSVP requested.

Have you RSVPed for the Pre-Concert Picnic yet? Please email Sharon Allerson and let us know how many people and what you can bring to help! Your RSVP helps us know how much snacks and drinks we need to bring. Thank you very much!

Even if you didn't buy our group tickets, you are still invited. We don't care where you bought the ticket. We want you to have fun with us! :D

Picnic Details:

Passing Savings to You

We saved a little bit of money on tickets. So as promised, I am returning the difference back to your account. You will see the money either in your PayPal account or cash, depending on the method of the payment. It may take a few days, so please allow several days before you see them.

Thank you to all the staff

Thank you, Theresa, for coordinating tickets! And thank you, Aryf, for being so resourceful and of your help!

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