Monday, February 6, 2012

Rate your event - and how to rate it

I am quite certain most of us are clear about event rating system. Still, may I ask for 2 minutes of your time and read about it?

As you know, a few sites of KLCX has an event rating system. Your volunteers are always excited to be able to put together something you can come and enjoy; and all members long to hear how much you enjoyed the event as an attendee. Rating system is a quick way to leave your feedback. Your 15 seconds make a big difference for everyone, including yourself in the long run.

Please rate the meetup you attended. When you do, please consider following:
  1. When others see that the event was a 5-star worthy, they will be encouraged to come next time. You see, in order for us to continue no- and low-cost events, we need mass attendance. You can help us by rating the event you attended.
  2. You can encourage and motivate your volunteer staff to continue to make things happen for you. The only compensation they get is your words of encouragement. So just by rating, you motivate them!

Please rate based on the effort and content of the meetup.
Please do not rate based on the food you had, service by the venue, parking situation, people you liked or didn't like. None of your volunteers have any control over them.

If you have to rate any less than the perfect score, let us know why.
We know that even if you give the event a perfect score, there is always a room for improvements. So help us improve. You can leave a note along with your rating, email event hosts, use message boards, or leave a comments on our official blog. Email Director Yoon and you can keep your identity anonymous too!

Please let us know what you liked (so that we can keep it) and what you didn't like (so that we can make it better for you.). This is very important to both you and me, so I appreciate it. The group cannot go on without you and your feedback.

Thank you, and see you at the next meetup!

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