Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thanks for joining us at the January Meetup

Thanks for coming to the meetup yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the workshop and Q&A as much as I did.

I know the workshops were slow for some, fast for others, and just about right for the rest. Beginners did very well keeping up with intermediate - kudos to you! We had wide range of intermediate attendees in terms of proficiency level, and you were so patient with each other. Thank you!

As we have more attendees, we will be able to provide more levels appropriate for specific proficiency. So please spread the word and let others know about our group.

Don't forget to practice what you learned; and if you forgot what yo learned, no worries; we will have more classes and workshops.

Please let me know what you liked (so that we can keep it) and what you didn't like (so that we can make it better for you.). This is very important to both you and me, so I appreciate it.

And don't forget to rate the meetup - so that when others see that this was a 5-star meet-up, they will be encouraged to come next time.

When you rate, please rate based on the content of the meetup (for this meetup, it's the workshop and Q&A). Please do not rate based on the venue, food that you had, parking situation or people you liked or didn't like. Ha ha! We had no control over that. ;) Also, please understand that we cannot offer exactly what you want, for each individual, but only for everyone in general. So the level of workshop may have been too difficult or too easy for a small number of you. Thanks for considering this factor.

Gamsa hamnida and Sehae Bok Mani Baduseyo!


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