Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mark Your Calendars: 2012 Second Saturday

Mark your calendar for the 2012 "Second Saturday."

This year, we will plan an event or two on Second Saturdays every month. So mark your calendar!

Being a Korean instructor myself, unless you give us event suggestions or ideas, we plan to offer something language-related in a little more serious nature, such as classes, workshops, study halls and Q&A sessions. We also have staff and Event Hosts who are full of fun and adventurous ideas! We may go out for dinner, picnic or, even to amusement parks!

Language Exchange may happen on Second Saturday, but for now, it may be hosted on the 4th or last weekend of the month. This scheduling is by popular request that you want to attend classes before you attend language exchange session.

My personal goal is to turn every experience that we have into something Korean - so that you can get to know subtle culture that lies underneath the language and behaviors, have a chance to practice your Korean, and just get to know others who share the same interest with you.

If you have an event idea or something to do with fellow polyglots and Hallyu fans, please make a suggestion. Let's make it fun for everyone!

If there's scheduling conflict or holidays, the date may be changed. So please do not pay or RSVP until the details are announced.

Thank you, and see you in the year 2012!


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